Morphis - Release

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer

Features :tada:

Import and Export Modules

  • Import
    • You can now import modules using an excel sheet or using the exported Morphis module file
  • Export

Programmed Module Count

  • Locks the amount of modules you need for that specific type
  1. Module Count: Amount of modules per module type

  2. Range: The amount the module count could vary and remain on target

  3. Lock: When locked the module count will be capped at that range. When unlocked, the module count will not be capped but it will still show in the UI.
    UI module count

  4. Toggle: When checked, module count feature will be turned on.

    • Temporary Modules Settings
      • When all the modules are locked and there is an excess space in your layout drawn, then Morphis will created temporary modules.
      • These modules can be hidden using the display settings


Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed layout always re-generating