Morphis - Release

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer

Features :tada:

Gap Between Modules

  • Adding gaps between modules is now possible by going to “Edit Path Layer”
  • Gap Between Modules

UI/UX Modes

  • Rotate Region, draw/pick paths are now modes.
  • This allows you to create multiple paths without having to re-click the button in the UI
    Draw Path mode

Improvements :roller_coaster:

Update Available

Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed starting position bug
  • Fixed module and path names being too long which consequently hid the “Add” button
  • Fixed closing and opening the app, then clicking the same room, did not generate the layout on screen

Morphis- Release

To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.

Improvements :roller_coaster:

  • Revit 2024 Support

Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed license not found bug
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Is there a way to stop the model from generating? It seems to constantly generate options with no stop function

Does the bake to revit option work for 0.7?

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@LeoFauvel Morphis will only generate options when the layout selected changes, when adding additional paths or if any setting changes (# of modules, additions paths, path width etc).
How would you want the “stop function” to behave?


It still works. Just make sure you either select a family or a wall type inside the module settings.