Morphis - Release



  • allow user to specify a Revit Group as a module


  • a path layer can now have multiple modules assigned
  • deleting a path type reverts to another available path type for instances that use the deleted type
  • the last path type can no longer be deleted
  • user paths can now accept any path type and the total with of the path is considered a single circulation layer
  • inner array modules now have a fixed size with a zero gap option and a flexible size that take up the entire row (this is now consistent with perimeter path behavior)
  • paths in zones that have modules on different layers can have the modules lock their position to align across all layers within the path


  • zone array starting line can now be graphically selected, and it can be set individually for each zone
  • user drawn paths can now be deleted when selected
  • user drawn paths linked to a Revit model line or drafting line are now in sync with the linked element geometry modifications and deletion
  • module count is now reported by each module, instead of the percentage
  • module type update depth on enter key
  • removed design features section - migrated to localized settings
    • moved bake walls option to the module type
    • moved the inner array toggle to the zone options besides the zone path dropdown

Bug Fixes

  • restored the ability to turn off perimeter paths
  • modules from inner arrays no longer encroach on the circulation clearances
  • inner array geometry is more stable
  • better support for thin paths (limited to 1")
  • concave shapes in inner arrays stability
  • bug with inner pattern always having two arrays even if overlapping is now fixed

Known Issues

  • path intersections with corners do not resolve properly [0180]
  • perimeter paths have hard coded layers where the first layer is set to receive modules and the second layer is circulation (the modules from the first layer in the path type are used) [0251]
  • sliders do not have a setting for min and max [0006]
  • the app is unstable when drawing two layouts at the same time (users need to delete the current layout before starting the next layout) [0119]
  • polyline tool no longer works [0164]

Graphically Select Zone Array Start Line

2023-02-24 - 13-01-04

Model/Drafting Line Sync Changes

2023-02-24 - 13-14-33

Better Geometry Cleanup With Inner Loops

2023-02-24 - 12-50-21

Multiple Module Assignment

2023-02-24 - 16-38-51

Geometry Intersection Improvements

2023-02-24 - 16-42-19

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer