Morphis - Release

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer

Download the Revit 2022 pre-mapped sample file here: OfficeTestModel1_R2022_0.1.1.0.rvt


  • added path types with module assignment
  • user drawn paths can be custom made paths with independent settings
  • user path geometry displayed cleanup after drawing
  • draw user paths by selecting a Revit model line or drafting line
  • added mapped families rotation compensation input
  • enter key accepts dimension value
  • module color by hex code input

Bug Fixes

  • major improvement to geometry intersections and geometry draw speed
  • stable multiple path intersections
  • concave shape perimeter stability
  • support for layout inner loops (donut holes)

Known Issues

  • concave shapes inner arrays
  • inner array configuration settings
  • perimeter path types are hard coded and not exposed in the UI
  • path intersections with corners do not resolve properly
  • inner pattern always has two arrays even if overlapping
  • inner arrays encroach on the circulation clearances in certain angled conditions

Path Types with Path Layers

2023-01-31 - 19-58-12

Improved Path Intersections

2023-01-31 - 20-00-21

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer