Morphis - Release

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer

Download the Revit 2022 pre-mapped sample file here: OfficeTestModel1_R2022_0.1.1.0.rvt


  • added filled region support as Revit input element
  • added module material color editor
  • removed dependency on Revit materials for module colors
  • added ability to bake simple walls (hard coded)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed highlight color when editing paths
  • fixed bug with user drawn paths on levels with different elevations
  • fixed baked family hosting to level bug

Known Issues

  • mapped families do not have a rotation compensation input
  • when baking families, the family level host has an odd offset, even though it is hosted to the correct level
  • multiple paths do not clean up correctly
  • cannot generate designs for multiple rooms yet (need to delete the current iteration before moving to the next)

Module Colors and Filled Region Support

2022-11-09 - 21-23-12

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer

Morphis - Release

To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.


  • new feature: added dimension input for sliders (feet and fractional inches)
  • bug fix: fixed draw path bug

2022-11-16 - 09-10-00