Morphis - Release

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer

Download the Revit 2022 pre-mapped sample file here: OfficeTestModel1_R2022_0.1.1.0.rvt


  • re-arranged the UI expanders: Modules, Paths, Regions
  • updated the module aesthetic for clarity
  • ability to add/remove modules
  • ability to name modules
  • can map modules to custom families
  • can edit module length
  • added licensing

Bug Fixes

  • fixed bug when turning off boundary modules

Known Issues

  • multiple paths do not clean up correctly
  • cannot generate designs for multiple rooms yet (need to delete the current iteration before moving to the next)

Changing Module Length

2022-10-11 - 16-40-31

Mapping Module to Family Type in Revit

2022-10-11 - 16-42-07

Adding New Module

2022-10-11 - 16-43-06

Download the new version here: Morphis Installer