Lines pale in Veras preview pane for SketchUp

The lines of my SketchUp gypsum board ceiling are showing up very light in the Veras preview pane. And I am having a hard time getting a good ceiling rendering; the ceilings are flat, not showing structure/depth of soffits and beams, etc, and sometimes shiny. Compare to the lines on a screen shot of my SketchUp file. Do you think the paleness of the Veras preview lines is contributing to the results? It almost seems like it doesn’t have enough information. The ceiling lines are even lighter in (see screen shot) than they were in (I used to have trouble with development of gypsum board lines in much earlier versions, but it had gotten better, with even scant lines above in a gyp bd ceiling being developed). This is happening now in all the engine 5’s. (In engine 6 it is a little different; it still seems as if it might not have enough information but engine 6 insists on turning the ceiling/equipment to metal finish no matter how much I put white in the prompt.)

@SketchVeraslady ,

Good observation, I definitely see what you mean about the lines with differing faintness, depending on Veras version. We fixed a bug starting in that led to dimensions of the export from SketchUp being increased. So we take a larger image, and crop a larger percentage than before for a given non-maximal dimension. If SU doesn’t export the lines with a greater thickness, and keeps them the same size, despite the resolution of the entire view increasing, this could be why they’re now fainter.

I wouldn’t want to recommend tediously striking the right balance with zooming in while in SU, and then maintaining aspect ratio at a different width and height in Veras. That would be exhausting. But I think you should be able to edit the line styles being used in SketchUp, right? That might be the best approach. Or perhaps modeling the joints with a greater amount of space would work, also.

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Glad you figured out why this may be happening.
I hope this can be fixed on your side. I already use Architectural Design Style which is pretty heavy. Won’t other people be encountering this as well? I tried changing the typical style profile setting from 2 to 3. It makes the SketchUp drawing look heavy, but didn’t seem to change the faint lines in the Veras preview pane? Thanks.

Here are some results using They show more definition.

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I can see how picks up the geometry better! Thank you for sending these. We can make a patch to address this.


I don’t think that the faint Sketchup lines in Veras preview pane have been changed yet in 1.6?


Correct. It has not been addressed yet. A patch for this should be released this week. We just have to do a little more testing first.

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I thought the faint lines began with the 1.5.2 release when the preview pane was expanded, but I see here that the lines were also faint with 1.5.0 or are now. I used the web app mostly between and 1.5.2 releases because the dimensions were wider, but since then, since switching back to plug-in I have had some trouble achieving overall renderings I was happy with. Actually trouble for me did seem to start with 1.5.2; I do have two overall renderings done in 1.5 that I liked. I wonder if the lines in 1.5 were actually faint back then or have changed since then? Generally, not sure if recent problems related more related to faint lines or using more complicated scenes. And it’s hard to measure by going back to (engine 5) and trying a rendering now because other improvements have been made since then. Thank you!

The SketchUp base image line thickness is now updated with the latest Veras Patch

Now the lines may be too dark? The ceilings I showed earlier in reference to the lines problem were all done in engine 5 I think. I noticed while doing comparisons here that engine 6 may do a little better than engine 5 with the light lines.

I’m getting 3 kinds of results with 1.6.2 engine 6 in this scene with purple couch; overall nice results, nice results but with areas of lines now way too dark, and some totally sketchy results (even though they have the same settings as other results). A short while back I got lot of these sketchy type results along with good results, but I thought it had ceased; it seems to be back.

I’ve provided two examples of each of the typical results with 1.6.2; all but one shown are engine 6. Thanks.

Thank you for the additional testing. It does seem that the heavier lines produces more “cartoony” renderings for low geometry and material override values. See test below:

We’ve reverted this change for the production version (, and built another canary ( release with different values for testing.



I’m getting nice results with (25%) engine 6; is it the same as 1.6.0? Maybe using engine 6 was the key. Nice overall realism and the ceiling is developed. I included one with a wood floor, which I didn’t ask for (and which usually doesn’t happen), but it’s a really nice wood! Look forward to using this on next project. Thanks!


Sounds great! - yes the 25% was the same as the release.

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I still think something may be wrong with the line weights since release 1.5. On a recent project all of my ceiling results were better when I used, which has the stronger line weight; not sure about the rest of the image. I have provided screen shots of preview panes which show line weights for 1.6.0 and; not sure (except with the ceilings) how it affects the final rendered image.

Line weights aren’t an issue in the web app, and all of my ceiling results looked good there (rest of image seemed similar to plug-in…). I wondered if there might be an in-between version for line weight in plug-in, like .125 percent? Maybe I should try the whole project once again in the web app. Thanks.

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I was having better luck overall in the app and realized the app is release 1.6.4, so I tried plug-in 1.6.4 again (had tried it quickly before) and seem to have better luck with furniture and overall scene in that release, but not the ceiling. Best for ceiling still release or the app. I’ve added the screen shot of 1.6.4 preview pane, showing line weights, and typical ceiling in 1.6.4. Thanks.

Thank you for the additional testing and examples. We will make improvements with future versions.

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Arper productions seem even better than on their commercial visuals…
Very good work :slight_smile:

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