Lab Live Takeaways: Glyph Launch - Auto-Documentation For Revit

Glyph is now available for everyone! Check out the live lab launch recording with @Miguel, @bill.allen, and @jim if you did not have a chance to watch it yet. Below are some of the livestream takeaways.


How can you create multiple views using multiple view templates?

Different view type have their own setting within the same task. If using the same view type, then you can duplicate a task and place the two tasks in one bundle. To run, you can run both tasks automatically by running the bundle.

Can you use a custom naming convention for elevations when they are automatically created?

:white_check_mark: Yes. You can access all the parameters of the room and extract the values for the name composition (ex: room name, room number, department), and you can add a custom text field.

Can I tweak the elevation naming using the room number and orientation?

Yes. You can specify the naming to use the room number parameter. The orientations is automatically added: N, E, W, S.
:bulb: We have a backlog item that can change the orientation angle

For interior elevations, what happens with the naming convention if the north is not up?

Glyph can auto determine the room orientation when placing the cardinal elevation marker.
:bulb: It would be cool to have a toggle that switches from N, E, S, W to numbers
:bulb: Another ideas is to expose the characters to type into the four fields. ex: F, L, B, R (for front, left, back, right).
:bulb: We could also expose having the sequence start at closest UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT

What determines the interior elevation boundary when automatically created?

The room boundary outer outline is used for determining the elevation bounds.

What determines the floor plan boundary when automatically created?

A bounding rectangle is drawn around a the room outer boundary. It can be affected with an optional offset. This boundary is also used for the callout rectangle.

What if you want to make a plan package? For example creating multiple overall plans, code plans, finish floor plans all at the same time? Are these separate bundles?

:white_check_mark: Yes. These tasks can be configured and all of them can be placed within a bundle. The bundle would then run all the tasks in sequence with one click.

Can Glyph set custom parameters beyond those built into Revit when creating views and sheets?

Currently glyph does not set parameters other than setting the names of views and sheets when they are created. Additionally, we can set the view template and view type, which controls some of the view parameters when creating views.
:bulb: We have this idea in the backlog, so that views and sheets generated cam have a set parameter from the original element parameter value or custom field. We would want this to work with both built in parameters and custom parameters.


Does Glyph support diagonal wall dimensions?

:white_check_mark: Yes. As long as the elements are parallel to each other, Glyph will dimension them.

When a wall is deleted, and a new one is created, what happens when re-running the dimension task?

Currently Glyph does not delete any dimensions. Re-running a dimension task will add the dimensions again to the view.
:bulb: The ability to re-run tasks and only make updates and additions where necessary is on our backlog.

Is there a setting that can pull the dimension off the string when the dimension is really tight?

Currently we have a dimension offset setting.
:bulb: We have a collision detection feature for dimension and tags in our backlog
:bulb: We can also add a simple setting that can apply the dimension offset for dimensions that are below a specific length.


Does tagging work with multi-category tags?

Not at the moment.

Can you add a leader landing (leader elbow) to the tag?

Not at the moment. We can add a leader offset, but the leader will be a straight line without the additional point creating the landing.
:bulb: This is a great feature to add. I can see it commonly used.


Are there plans or thoughts on the CA phase for Architecture? When one thing changes, it can snowball revisions on other sheets. Could there be a function that can help populate revision clouds on sheets?

Currently Glyph can’t do this.
:bulb: Great idea! We can add this to our backlog.

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