It is urgent to know how to cancel Veras subscription

How can I cancel my subscription in Veras? They have all my data, how is it possible that the page is not configured as they say? The page says cancel anytime, so I don’t understand this, did they configure it so that the buyer can’t control his account? After you put your information there is no turning back, because there is no way for you to unsubscribe, there is no profile or anything for us as buyers to cancel when we want or remove our credit cards. I need a quick response please, because I don’t understand this. And for those who read this message and are thinking of buying, I do not recommend it until they know how to cancel the subscription, because after they enter their credit card and buy it, the card will apparently stay for life and they will have no way to unsubscribe. First page in my life that I see that there are no ways to cancel the subscription and that we enter with a profile and nowhere on the page does that information I provided appear. I hope this is just a bad scare :slight_smile:

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

We are adding a simple cancel button to the licensing portal today, and that should make it more accessible.

I can also go ahead and cancel your subscription right away.

@Yassp13 The licensing portal is now updated with the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button at the bottom of the product group.

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