Is there a way to maintain logo's but change everything else

I’d love to be able to keep client logos exactly as they are (currently applied using a flat plane with texture+alpha applied), but all other materials get the ai treatment.
So essentially asking if there is any way to “freeze” objects to be unaffected by Veras.
Thanks in advance, Sam

@Turtleduckdada - welcome to the forum!

We don’t currently have that feature, but we are working on it. We anticipate releasing the update this quarter.

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With the new Render Selection feature in the Veras 1.2 Release, you can have a workflow to retain specific textures and parts of the rendering.

In the SketchUp example below, the hex wood pattern is maintained. Then with more iterations, the other areas in the render are changed.

2023-09-06 - 23-30-03