Installing Veras

hi im in trouble. the windows installer wont let me instal veras and say this is not a valid windows installer package

@sadra - welcome to the forum!

Could you please provide a screenshot of the error message?

I am in trouble also installing the program on sketchup. Aparently seems easy but whenever i install it, is it suposed to appear as an extension? because it doesn’t.

I wonder if i have to do something else…

thanks in advance

@Five - are you trying to install Veras for Windows or Mac? and what version of SketchUp do you have?

no, it is windows and my sketchup version is 2020 pro

I see. For SketchUp we only support 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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Thank you very much buddy <3

hi thanks for your attention

@sadra - it could be that the *.msi is blocked.

There are two things you can try:

Option 1

  • right click on the installer and look at the properties
  • (it would help if you can share a screen grab of the proeperties)
  • Uncheck the Unblock box if it exists

Option 2