Improving Auto Tagging by Adding Custom Tagging Options within Families

Hi thanks for the trial!
The auto tagging needs a way to have options of what to tag with in a family. For instance, if you tag pipe you don’t want every pipe length tagged in your views or you just have to go in and delete them. I don’t know if this could ever be accomplished but this seems to be a drawback of any auto tagging feature I’ve ever seen. Perhaps you could get it to tag an adjustable value between 1-10 .
thanks again for letting me play with this it’s going to be really amazing someday.

Hi @B.Kaiser ,

You can adjust which pipes you would like to tag. Please follow these steps to achieve what you are looking for:
1- Go to the tasks/bundle list tab
2- Click on the tag views by category task
3- Change category to pipes
4- Add filter

Hope this helps!

Hey @Miguel thanks for that I was just re running it before you sent this and missed that filter but now it seems to be stuck in a loop. Generating graphics for 1 sheet going on almost 10 minutes now so i think I’ll have to shut down and restart my project. Anyone else experience this?


This usually happens when you are regenerating hundreds of views, or placing many views on sheets. Which task were you running?

@Miguel ,
I clicked where shown on the screen shot does this run a larger task or run it on all sheets? Maybe a note could be added there stating what that button does.

@B.Kaiser ,
In this case, the tagging task will only create tasks in the view selected. In this case “Floor Plan: Plumbing Hydronics…”.

Do you have the annotation collision avoidance turned on? (This setting will be displayed in the settings tab):

I just turned that on but seem to get the same results a before no leaders and tags overlapping. I have filtered them by legnth anything greater than 26" in length to be tagged.

@B.Kaiser, Good question! both buttons do the same thing.

@Miguel ,
i’m not having any luck with the horizontal / leader function. or tag collision avoidance .

I hope you guys don’t mind, but I moved this topic here from the Co-pilot thread, so that the conversation can stay more focused.

Does it not create leaders? even though you have the leader setting checked. If possible, it would be great to see an example of what it’s doing vs what you want Glyph to do. As always thanks for your feedback!