I Have a Problem with Veras Sign-in

i have a problem in start sofware
wen i click on start and after i write my Email ID , i can’t see a answer and just i see writed an unknown error occurred .
what i can do?

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@reza_amirollahi Welcome to the forum!

Could you please share a screenshot of what the error looks like?

Also, we have a pre-release that has a different login process, that replaces the current sign-in menu.
Could you please test this build and let us know if the login process works?

i have same problem. sign in do not work and write “an unknown error occurred” . pre release do not work too. it has no error and nothing happened when i write my email and click next

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Hi dear Ben
I also have a problem entering the software. After activating Veras, it says that no license found.

Can you test the pre-release version?

This version has a different login process.

I’ve tested it with the pre-release version and it gets stuck on this message

According to the comments of other members and your guidance, I also used this edition, but before entering the login page, the view crashes and closes. This message is displayed after starting Veras.

@PMD & @masoud - we’re looking into this and hoping to get an update released soon. TY for your patience.


We’ve made an update to the sign-in process and it’s now available in the pre-release version.

Using this version let’s us know more about the error, meaning the “ALMOST THERE” dialogue will time out and a specific error will show up.

If there is an error, it would help us if you can follow these steps:
right click the UI → Inspect → Console Tab

Please take a screenshot of this view so we can better investigate.

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Yes I still get the error, and that’s the snip of it!!

Here’s the response from the dev team:

This seems like an issue with the network reaching the licensing api. On the next deployment there will be a “health check” endpoint. We can then have additional testing using the user’s regular browser and we can gather more info outside of the Revit context. The health check could also better inform whether the issue is from a firewall or another source.


Were you able to solve your problem?
Please explain to me too