How to Render a Boat using AI with Veras in SketchUp

2023-06-30 - 23-12-45

Bring the 3D Warehouse Component into the SketchUp Model

  • Search SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse for the “boat” under the model tab (or use link: boat | 3D Warehouse)
  • Load the model into SketchUp

Install Veras

  • Download the installer for windows here: Veras Installer (Windows)
  • Run the downloaded msi installer, which will add the SketchUp extension and you should see a new Veras button
  • For Mac, please follow these instructions: Veras SketchUp for Mac
  • NOTE: SketchUp versions supported: 2021, 2022, 2023 for both Windows and Mac

Start Veras

  • Start Veras by using the Veras logo button in your toolbar

  • If you don’t have this button you can also go to: Extensions > EvolveLAB Veras

Setup the View

  • align the camera in the desired angle for rendering
  • once aligned, click the Refresh Preview button
  • you should see the aligned view in the render
  • NOTE: I expanded the water plane, and painted it with one of the materials that comes out of the box with SketchUp


The following settings were used for all the renders:

  • Prompt : modern boat, blue ocean waves
  • Geometry Override : 13
  • Material Override : 100
  • Width : 1152
  • Is Aerial View : ON
  • Prompts Strength: 66

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