How to control daylight? + architectual model in pure wood

How do I best control the lightning?
I have tried adding midday lightning, light from top, but the results are not what I expected.

I would like to render an architectual model in solid wood, natural lighted by a midday sun - almost from top above.

An other problem, I have added a wood material to all geometry, and set

  • geometri override to 0
  • material override to 0
    but the render does convert the simple tree models to “real” trees, and cars to “real” cars.
    Is there a way to force an all wood render?


Is it possible to share some examples?

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Hi Ben

Sadly not, but I did continue to work on the prompt and I think it got better. I’ll get back if its still an issue.


Does Veras use the shadow settings in Sketchup for anything?


I ran some quick tests. For exterior scenes it’s a bit more challenging, as the shadows in SketchUp could get mistaken for the facade pattern:

However, in the v2 release this will change, where there will be more control over how the sun lights up scenes.

For interior scenes, @SketchVeraslady made a really neat post about how she uses the sun to light scenes (She also has some really neat posts on social media with Veras for interior design using SketchUp): My recommendation about shadow settings for those working with interiors


Thanks Ben.
And thanks for the link.


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