Helix to Revit with a rotated Project North

When I set up my sketchup file, I establish the location of the project via the site survey and then I model my building on the site with the origin being considered the True North.

I then want to link my content into Revit so that other people can do the documentation of this project. I did all the tagging and sent the building into Revit. It came into Revit in the correct location relative to True North. The Revit users set up the project and then rotated the Project North so that the building is displayed orthogonal on the sheet.

I then made updates to the project and sent those updates to Revit. When they loaded in the updates, the modified elements came into the Revit project as if the Project North was the original True North.

For example, if my building was on an angle of 12 degrees from the sketchup origin and was 10 meters away along that axis, that would put the building in the correct spot on the site at True North. When I set up Project North in Revit, it changes that 12 degrees to 0 and maintains the 10 meter offset from the origin. Then when I bring in my updated content, it comes in 12 degrees rotated from the origin again which means that the new content is 24 degrees away from the original True North.

Furthermore, if I have my Project North established before I load in the content, Helix still treats my Project North as if it is the True North which then puts the content 12 degrees away from my origin which is at the “24 degrees” in the example.

What am I missing, surely Helix can update the content in a correct relative position if a Project North is set up.

@YRJesse - welcome to the forum and thank you for testing out Helix!

This seems to be an issue with Helix where the orientation of Project North is followed instead of the True North. We will add this issue to our backlog, and make a release patch with the fix.

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What can I look out for to see when this has been resolved?
Thank you very much!

@YRJesse - we’ll post an update here with the Helix Release posts: Topics tagged helix-release

We’ll also reference this post when the update is available to link back.