Helix - Release 2.3.1

Download new version here: Helix Installer

Features :tada:

  • Helix now provides a curtain wall “starter family” which allows a user to get straight into SketchUp to Revit without needing to pull curtain wall family types from a Revit Project
  • DXF / Direct Shape (SketchUp to Revit meshes) now work “recursively” allowing users to only map the parent group and all nested geometry will be imported into Revit
  • Faces / Components inside of mapped components are now ignored, avoiding unintended mapping
  • Helix Levels are now created in SketchUp with “padding” for a better UX
  • Users can now export and load “mappings” allowing for working with multiple SketchUp projects
  • The Helix SketchUp UI now has notifications when no Revit Types have been exported with Helix Revit, helping users understand the impact of exporting Revit Types (with Helix Revit) to be mapped to in Helix SketchUp
  • Helix SketchUp now has a “Warnings / Model Health” UI, which provides feedback for errors and warnings when sending geometry to Revit
  • “Live Sync” in Helix Revit is now automatically disabled when switching Revit projects, avoiding unintended syncing

Licensing :key:

  • Licensing is now available with a customer portal for assigning user licenses
  • We’ve added monthly based subscription and yearly based subscription
  • To buy now follow link: https://www.evolvelab.io/software/helix

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • An issue causing Groups / Components to become unmapped after editing is now fixed
  • An issue causing slight differences in Revit to SketchUp geometry is now fixed
  • An issue with Helix not updating when switching between DXF and Direct Shape is now fixed
  • A bug causing Helix’s central Hub to crash in rare cases is now fixed
  • Issue with project basepoint / survey point causing model to import incorrectly is now fixed
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NOTE: Link above has been update to include an important patch for users installing Helix for the first time (when upgrading Helix, this bug is a non issue). Patch is versioned: 2.3.1

Thanks @csmckillip for finding and reporting the bug!!