Helix - Release 2.2.3

Download new version here: Helix Installer


  • DXF officially hits a release! Huge upgrade to our Sketchup → Revit Mesh workflow (thanks Ben for the requirements!)
  • Helix Revit / Sketchup now include buttons back to EvolveLAB website (for support) and the Smartsheet Bug Submittal form
  • Analytics are now non-personally identifiable
  • Users can now map “Specialty Equipment” as direct shape
  • Updated EULA
  • Helix SketchUp Extension is now signed

Bug Fixes

  • Icon is now fixed in installer (thanks Daniel for bug submission)

We’ve discovered a bug for the mesh based dxf conversion elevation height, when syncing SketchUp to Revit. We’re planning on releasing an update sometime this week. Stay tuned.

Bug fixed and link above is updated!!

Thanks @mark !!