Helix Quick Start Cheat Sheet - Cube Building

1 | Send Revit Family Types to Helix

  • Open Revit
  • Go to EvolveLAB Ribbon Tab
  • Click on the Sync Family Types button
  • A dialogue with the sync results should appear

2 | Map SketchUp Walls and Roof to Revit Types

  • Open the Helix Interface UI
  • Select the wall face
  • In the Helix UI, set the category to Walls, and the Type to the desired type
    2022-06-21 - 16-47-36
  • Repeat this for the roof

3 | Bring the SketchUp Geometry to Revit

  • You can repeat this process for all the other BIM elements and mesh based elements

4 | Check out the Quick Start Guide Video

  • Check out the quick start guide video for a click by click demo!