Helix not creating Revit walls or Doors from 2D CAD file

I am on the 2.13.4 trial version. We have a small ACAD 2D file that I cannot get Helix to work on.

  1. sometimes says it did something and nothing can be found (when just trying to convert the walls) 2. sometimes when trying to select the Revit Wall type I see a small red error “Value True could not be converted”. 3. sometimes it starts and the progress bar hangs at the very beginning (when trying to convert/create walls AND doors.

Either way, Helix does not seem to be working for me. Please help.

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@kschutte Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for sharing your issues with the Helix DWG to Revit workflow here.

Can you share the .dwg file with us? If so, I’ll send you a message with instructions for sharing the file, and then I’ll see if I can figure out the problem.