Handle placement

I am hoping someone might have some time to give me some advice. I am getting results that I am mostly happy with, but Veras seems to really struggle with the accurate placement and retaining the shape of the cabinet hardware in my kitchen designs. What is the best way to create a source image so that Veras has the best chance of putting the handles in the correct places? Or in fact, any feedback on how to make the final render better would be great.

Many thanks

@EANDG - welcome to the forum!

There are a few things that you can experiment to get better retention for the hardware.

  • in the base app (seems like Vectorworks, but correct me if I’m wrong), you can turn on the edges.
  • in Veras, lower both the Geometry Override and the Material Override
  • Use Render Selection in the REFINE tab to only affect the areas that need to be refined
  • Try using the Render Engine 4 - this might give you less desired results, but the tradeoff is accuracy.
  • You could also user the Render Selection set to Render Engine 4 after originally rendering with the Render Engine 6

Here are some tests using your input image. I got less retention, since the image is lower resolution: