Glyph - Sneak Peek of What’s in the Works | July 2022

Improved Task Bundles UX

The task bundles user experience is improving with additional stability. Check out the gif below that @bill.allen made showing off multiple view RCP dimensioning with one click.


Sheet Packing Customization

Ability to place views, schedules and legends with higher degree of customization and prioritization on a per sheet schema basis.

2022-07-18 - 07-37-11

Sheet Packing Schema Editor

Currently Glyph comes with three hard coded schemas for packing views onto sheets. We are updating this functionality so that users can define their own schemas using the custom schema editor.
image ref:


Some of these features might not make it in the next release, and are subject to change.


Looking forward testing out the new features, the sheet packing looks especially interesting.


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@Miguel is making some cool progress on the sheet layout editor :smiley:
I can’t wait to release this feature and listen to feedback!

Glyph Sheet Layout Editor


Looking more polished!
Thanks @Miguel for sharing the updates this morning with the team!

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