Glyph - Release

Download the new version here: Glyph Installer

Features :tada:

View Crop Offset - Additional settings

Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed filter value incorrect when saving the same categories twice
  • Fixed curtain wall dimensions showing 0’ 0"
  • Fixed filter not working when the parameter value is null
  • Fixed dimension offset not working for negative values

@Miguel After updating to, there seems to be a bug in creating sheets from Rooms, where the plugin shows an error when trying to set sheet parameters.

I tested this on a new blank project to check and got the same results.
App Log below for reference:

@surajsankar , thanks for the feedback. We will fix this bug and include it in the next release.

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To install the new version, please use the link above.

Improvements :roller_coaster:

  • Licensing UI + backend

Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed Glyph ribbon tasks not working without opening main Glyph window
  • Fixed add filter errors when adding parameter setter
  • Fixed offset not working for β€œby line” dimensioning mode
  • Fixed licensing issues

Neat update!

I like the new sign in UI :grin: