Glyph Release -

Download the new version here: Glyph Installer

Features :tada:

  • New Task: Tag Sheets by Category

    • Similar to the “Tag views by category” but instead of selecting views, you select sheets
  • Unique Element Selection for view/sheet creation

    • This feature allows you to auto-filter/select unique elements based on their type, family, or geometry
    • Use case: Create unique curtain wall elevation - “Unique elements by geometry”. The task will not create two elevations of curtain walls with the same geometry (length and height)
  • Sheet Packing: Center Anchor Added

  • Room Schedule Creation

    • Duplicates an existing schedule and changes the filter values based on the rooms selected. Check “Use room values” to use the values of the room selected
      • Room Schedule Settings
    • Note: A room parameter needs to be added to the template schedule for the task to set the correct values to the newly created schedule. Hint: room parameter names start with "Room ":
      • Room filter parameter
  • Miscellaneous

    • Improved/added new settings for the “create sheets by category” task
      • Use as generic setting
      • If “Use as generic task” is checked: the “number of sheets” setting will become available
      • If “Use as generic task” is unchecked: the number of elements selected (in the selection tab) will equal the number of sheets the task will create

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed element selection when two tag tasks were added within the same bundle
  • Fixed issue with the “create sheets by category” task not mapping to the right element when combined in a bundle

Guides :ledger:

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I really like the new room schedule feature!!! That will help automate all kinds of thigs:

  • room data sheets
  • legends
  • the note block as keynote trick using generic annotation symbols that dynamically report per views on sheets!
  • shop drawings
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Glyph - Release

To install the new version, please use the link in the post above.

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed tasks not loading/saving when no schedules are present in the model.
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