GLYPH - Authorization problem

Good afternoon There was a problem with authorization in the GLYPH plugin.
After installing the plugin and passing authorization, nothing happens, the plugin window does not open.

Hi @marina,

Glyph verifies that you have an active license, then Glyph opens up. On rare occasions, this could take up to 5 seconds.

Can you please try again?

Thank you!

Hello, I have installed the latest version but I am still experiencing some problems. Could you please advise me on how to resolve them? Thank you for your assistance.

hi @avi_kimmel ,

We are looking into this issue and we will release a new update soon.

Thanks for letting us know!


Good afternoon I’ve been trying to connect the plugin for two days now, but nothing happens after logging in.

@marina Thanks for letting us know you’re still having this issue. If you send me the email tied to your Glyph account via a DM on this forum, I can look into this for you and check if there’s any specific issue tied to your account.

@marina ,

We have released a new version that should fix your issue.


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