Generative Design in Real-time, Interactive and Simple, by Morphis Inside Revit

What would we want from a co-authoring tool powered by Generative Design?

This app would need to allow for an iterative design process instead of linear one, as this is a more natural way designers work. A designer cannot wait 10 minutes to generate another 100 options after making a change in the constraints, priorities, or other inputs. The generated output needs to happen in milliseconds allowing the design process to take in flexible dynamic inputs in real time.

Immediate feedback to changes in inputs allows designers to understand how the changes affect the generated result. Moving a slider from one side to another should immediately start to regenerate the solution and present the in-progress work on screen so that the correlation is made between the input and the generated output.

A responsive app allows designers to make split second decisions and change their mind as the generated results are rendered in real-time.

We want this app to be intuitive, so that there’s a shallow learning curve. The complexity needs to be hidden or remain internal to the app and only the most important aspects presented as options to the designer.


Morphis is a co-authoring Generative Design Revit app, that enables you to generate responsive design solutions. With seamless Revit integration, Morphis helps you generate designs in real-time using your Revit content.

Morphis - 3d - rebake

Morphis - Revit Window - Plan-Crop

We’re in the early stages of development working closely with industry professionals to build pragmatic workflows. If you’d like to join in the effort, please sign up for early access.

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