Free Trial Licensing Sign in Error

I downloaded the windows trial of Veras. I opened my model, went to a 3D view and started Veras. I had not created an account before, but it asked me to sign in. It was kind of strange because it didn’t ask me to register - just sort of prompted me forward. Then after putting in my password it says “ALMOST THERE…” and doesn’t move on.

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@keren0226 - welcome to the forum!

In the dev tools, can you go to the Console tab (near the current Elements tab)?

Are you all working on this? Can you tell what the error is based on the image I sent about the console?

Yes - we’re looking into this issue. Thank you for your patience.

Okay, good to know. Thank you!

me pide que me registre para poder iniciar, pero… una vez que pongo mi correo electronico no avanza… no puedo iniciar la prueba gratuita.

@israelpachecoarqui - welcome to the forum

Can you please share a screenshot of the place where the app is stuck?

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Hola Ben, han podido solucionar algo? llevo varios días esprenando poder usarlo. me interesa mucho poder comprar la versión de paga, pero… así cómo, si no puedo ni siquiera probarlo en su versión gratuita.

Can you try to see if you can connect now?

its still with the same message " almost there … "

still doesnt work

@megad & @drmag - we’re working on resolving this issue, and we’ll post the updates here.

Now facing this same issue!

We just released an update today to resolve this issue: Veras - Release

Please let us know if the issue is still happening.