Far Clip Offset is not available as a parameter setter for elevations

When creating elevations through the plugin, there is no option to set the Far Clip Offset manually. The plugin seems to use a default value of 3048 units and for larger rooms, this means that the far wall is often not seen in elevations. Is there a way to incorporate this as a parameter setter?


Hi @surajsankar,

Far clip offset is available in the list of parameters.

Can you answer the following questions to understand why the far clip offset setting is not showing up on your machine?

  • Did you have any elevations on your project when you opened Glyph?
  • What language is your Revit set at?
  • What units are you using?


Hi @Miguel ,
That’s odd. Far clip offset has never shown up for me across multiple versions of Glyph. To answer your points:

  • yes, there were already some elevations created when Glyph was first opened.
  • Revit language is set to English - United Kingdom
  • The units are in metric - mm

Thank you for your response @surajsankar.

We have released a new update (Glyph that fixes this bug.