ETA for Veras for SketchUp

The forum knew exactly what I was going to ask and suggested my topic (above) before I even typed.

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We’re releasing the public version this week! If you want to try the early access version, I can invite you into that group, and you can try it out today.


What do I need to do to get an invite to the Sketchup early access group? I would love to get in on that.

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@IndyinItaly Welcome to the forum!

I’ve just added you to the early access group :smiley:

Thank you so very very much!

Does this week mean today? Thanks.

Hi Ben!
Could I get invited into the early testing group aswell?

@SketchVeraslady - we’re going to have it before Monday :smiley:
@Simon - added

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Hi, can be added for early access as well?

Hi @Ben Can I please be added to the early access group too please :slight_smile:

@Jwashere & @karl.alber - added

Veras for SketchUp is now publicly available. Check out the release notes and download link here: Veras - Release