Error: Rendered Failed

I keep getting the same message.

@Jacob - welcome to the forum!

Can you give us more info:

  • We’re you able to render at all? Or you cannot render at all?
  • I’d this for the web app or a plugin?
  • If plugin, which app and do you have a firewall restricting the app or use a VPN?

I’m using the web app, it fails more than it renders based on the start image. I’ve tried simple line drawings, white renderings, rendered scenes as starters. There doesn’t seem to be consistency of why it’s failing. What is the maximum file size to start with for the reference image?

@Jacob, if you were exceeding the maximum image size set in our app, you would actually be receiving a clear and specific message about that. I am not aware of the AI model (used for rendering) having a maximum–but if the file was too large, hypothetically, it may time-out. If you do end up noticing the failures occurring more often with larger file sizes, I’d be interested in knowing the size.

But like Ben said, this could also be due to a connection issue or network condition, such as the examples he provided.