Error: Render Failed Render failed due to the following error: Error: veras render service error

Looks like this happened before, but back in 2023. Anybody else having this issue today? 4/24/24

Working with the Revit Plug-in in Revit 23

@brockett - welcome to the forum.

Is this constantly happening for every render, or do some renders come in?

Can you also share a screenshot of the error message?

Thanks Ben! I’ll let you know today and take a screenshot if it happens today. I think it worked itself out after about an hour: all of a sudden only one out of every four renders would work; but then slowly everything started rendering again.

BTW just using this software for the first time this week. Amazing.


Hi again Ben,

Getting a new error. But the renderings are now generating, despite the error.


This is a different error. It says that the render could not be automatically saved, as the auto save path provided is not accessible. It could be that the user has no read/write privileges or the path no longer exists.

You can fix this by setting a new path to auto-save renders, or disable auto-saving the renders (you would then need to manually save renders).

In the future update we will provide a better message for this issue.