Error: Preview Image error on Revit-Veras

Hii everyone
I’m facing this problem when I started rendering, it appears with this issue even I tried changing the camera view incase there’s a problem with this one but it ends up with the same problem.
And also something happened it keeps logging me out while using the app and takes a long time attempting login, then it won’t work unless the app is closed and starting it again.

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Welcome to the forum @SalmaAshraf99!

Thank you for posting your question! I am looking into this error for you, as I have not seen this one occur in our application before. In the meantime, I would appreciate any other information you can provide that would be helpful, such as which actions cause the error. I do have a few specific questions which may help me:

  • Is the Revit model image ever syncing successfully to Veras?

  • Does the image sync successfully when you open the app?

  • Does the image sync successfully when you press the “refresh preview image” button?

  • What type of view are you trying to sync?

As for the other problem you are experiencing with “attempting login…” taking a long time, this is usually the result of high traffic to the server (or some other challenge to the network). We have dedicated more resources to the login server recently (we’ve seen improvements), and we will be dedicating more resources in the coming weeks. The problem may be exacerbated by long distance between you and the server unfortunately.



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I really appreciate your help Greg THANK YOU ! @Greg

Yes the model sync successfully to Veras and it appears ready for rendering but just by clicking rendering, it shows me the issue message and yes the scene do refresh normally.

The shots I’m taking are from the 3D view


@SalmaAshraf99 ,

I appreciate the clarified details!

Ok, so I wasn’t able to reproduce your bug exactly, but I addressed a suspicion I had by making a small change in our code where that error comes up, and I’m hoping it will solve your issue.

You would have to reinstall Veras with this updated version here:

I’m hoping this solves it, but I’m happy to keep trying if it doesn’t. Please let me know how it works out!



Thank you for keeping up with the issue and trying to fix it !
That’s great I’ll try the new version & sure will let you know if there’s any updates.

I really appreciate your time & help, thanks Greg. @Greg


I received the following error message first time opening Versa on Revit (2024).

O receo

@JMMillett - welcome to the forum, and thank you for posting this error here. We’re looking into this issue, and we’ll post more updates here.

@JMMillett & @SalmaAshraf99 - we’ve just released a patch for this bug: Veras - Release 1.6 - #7 by Greg

Please let us know if this does not solve the issue.