Elevation by Category Fails to Elevate Entire Extents of Element


I created a Task that places elevation markers at a 3D casework family (named “Elevation Plane”) that is being used to represent a building face. This is being done to elevate a building with irregular sides that do not align to a Scope Box.

the elevation markers pointing to the the Elevation Plane running East / West have the correct extents, while the North / South Elevation Plane have incorrect extents.

I suspect this is due to the Elevation Plane being originally created in the East / West direction, but if I’m just rotating it, I would hope the elevation marker would match the orientation. I have tried making a similar elevation plane family as a generic model too.

On a somewhat related note, the Set Parameter option for the Far Clip Offset does not seem to work. This is relatively minor, as I can select all views and change the Far Clip Offset at the same time, but figured I would also address this too.

Thanks for looking into this!

@Sterling ,

First of all, thank you for your feedback!

We have released a new update that fixes the issue you were experiencing with the elevation creation. Regarding the “Far Clip Offset” bug, we couldn’t replicate it. Are you using metric or imperial units?

You can download the new installer here: