Ducts tagging

Hey. I’m testing GLYPH in MEP projects and I have problem with ducts tagging. I can tag without any problems for example Air Terminals but I can’t tag Ducts in ventilation project. Can someone tell me why?

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Hi @Patryk_MEP,

Thanks for trying Glyph, can you confirm you have a duct tag family loaded on your project?



Yes, I have. I can tag them manually.

Thanks for confirming the issue. We have identified the bug and we will release a new update today.

Thanks for the feedback!

@Patryk_MEP ,

We have released a new version that fixes this bug.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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Hello Miguel
I’ve tested it and it doesn’t work as it should. I could sent you some screens to show what is wrong with tagging. Also what is this CropBox? In Revit I’ve marked Crop View, crop Region Visible, Annotation Crop. There is no such option as CropBox

Hi @Patryk_MEP ,

This is the cropbox:

Crop View setting: Turns on the cropbox of the view
Crop Region Visible: Makes the cropbox visible in your view.

You can adjust how Glyph tags your elements by going to the settings tab:

Hei. I used properties. Options for Duct Tags were on and after tagging it look like on screens I’ve sent.