Dont know how to cancel monthly subscription

I just purchased Veras today for a month but im unaware as to how I can cancel my subscription so I am not being charged next month.

I was wondering if you would be able to manually cancel my subscription for me? Thanks.

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I have the same doubt, if they tell you how to do it, could you please tell me?
My email:

Sorry about the inconvenience.

We are adding a simple cancel button to the licensing portal today, and that should make it more accessible.

The licensing portal is now updated with the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button at the bottom of the product group.

After using the new cancel my subscription feature I no longer have access to my Veras licence.

Since i payed for a month should I not still have my subscription until the month that i paid for expires?

My apologies for that. Your account should work again.

The license portal is now updated to show the license status. When cancelling, the status will display the expiration date for the subscription:

Hello, I cancelled my subscription effective later this month but now want to un cancel it. Do I have to wait for it to cancel and resubscribe or can I un cancel it? Thanks.

We don’t have that exposed in the portal. I went ahead and uncancelled it.

We are in the process of upgrading the portal to include this functionality in the future, along with many other licensing upgrades.

Also, thank you for resuming the subscription - we’re super grateful!