Does Veras react to what we do

I am wondering what Veras may be noticing or responding to in what I do. For instance, I had a blue wall but I never called it out in the prompt and it was showing up pretty well. Then I did put it in the prompt (to distinguish it from something else) and the blue wall got a little too extreme. So then I deleted mention of it from the prompt again, as it had been before, but then the blue wall started not showing up, and showed up in a different color (grey, brown). It hadn’t done that before. Is Veras inferring I don’t want it if I remove it from the prompt?? (Seems like it!)

Veras doesn’t track previous prompts, it is random. However, we could save the random seed if you want to get back to that aesthetic.

I thought maybe removing something from a prompt acted like a negative prompt; it was uncanny how the blue stopped showing up, but I guess it was a coincidence.

I definitely would like to be able to do the second thing you mention, noting a certain overall aesthetic so we can get back to it. I’ve even wished Veras would do something as simple as taking note of the images I save, for some direction. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

I would like to be able to point to a specific area in a result and say “I like this.” With Veras AI rendering something that’s new is I have a collection of drawings in which different areas/parts/elements work out well on different drawings; it would be great to get them on one page. (The windows look good in one image but the flooring isn’t right, the flooring is good and accurate in another image but not the windows.) Thank you!

This is interesting, could you please let us know, where the information for the random seed is saved? or is this displayed somewhere once the render is generated?

We don’t expose the seed in the UI, but we will expose it in a future update.

The latest release now has the render seed feature: Veras - Release

2023-07-19 - 13-25-50