Create individual Elevation for multi face (+4) and non rectangular room

While the current feature to create Interior elevation work well for rectangular/squared shaped wall. Is it possible to create a feature to generate individual elevation for all room shape condition?



We don’t currently have the feature to have multiple elevations for non-rectangular shapes with proper multi-wall alignment. However, we have it logged in our backlog to implement this.

Our next release will have the updated sheet packing features, and we might be able to add this feature in the following development cycle.

Here’s the feature description in our backlog, and how we’re planning to build it out:

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Thank you for the Link i missed it when it was posted.
When it say “…to create elevations for the major room boundary directions …” will it always be limited to 4 elevations, or is it define by a wall length size limit imposed for the creation of an elevation?


Good point! It will have as many elevations as the room geometry, including inner elevations (a room with a hole in it)

The example below partially shows this. However, it has too many elevations when there are bump outs, and the room input geometry is super simple: rooms in actual projects will have small segments that need to be normalized, and processed and allocated the the “major room side” they belong to.

02 Auto-Elevation - 05 Per Wall Element

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Just curious if this has been added to glyph yet? Is there an ETA? Or is it still in the backlog?

We have not implemented this feature yet. However, this is a high priority item in our backlog for creating views.