Convert lines from DWG to revit families

I am trying to convert DWG lines to Revit families using your plug-in tool. I have followed the instructions provided in this thread

, but when I click on the model, it still shows as an Import Symbol property. This is preventing me from modifying or viewing the properties of the objects.

Could you please provide a solution for this issue?

Do you have a screenshot of what it looks like? What do you mean by the import symbol? Are you referring the the pipes generated as import symbols, or are there no pipes generated?

I have inserted a DWG file into Revit to convert it into Revit families. However, even after using your tool to create elements, the model still displays as an “Import Symbol” and the pipes remain unselectable.

Your screenshot shows that the view set to “Medium”. You can’t see the pipes unless the view detail is set to “Fine”:

If that doesn’t solve it: after clicking the “Create Elements” button, do you get any errors? or do you get a successful run?