Continuous "Error: Network Error"

I get this error repeatedly.
I am using refine on a screenshotted image. Using Veras on the web.
tried on different browsers and different PCs.

Error: Render Failed

Render number 1 failed due to the following error:

Error: Network Error

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same issue…
Veras not working on Web or Sketchup or Revit!

@adiwall, @kvwxyz ,

Thank you for making us aware of the issue, and sorry to hear that there’s a struggle to produce successful renderings. Our analytics are showing a failure rate around 1% over the last 7 days, but it sounds like your failure rates are much higher. If the issue you both are experiencing is specifically a network related, then if pronounced enough, it could be causing the app to fail to send analytics data as well.

I’m not experiencing any issues as I’m testing the refine tool, but I’m going to continue to look into this, and get some other eyes on it as well. It may not be an issue on your end at all, but take a look at the health of your internet connection, and firewall settings–if you haven’t already examined them–as a potential source of the issue.

One additional note is that we are currently working on making improvements to how we handle high traffic to our servers, and this will go live in the near future, and may have a positive impact on the prevalence of network errors.