Can't save renderings as image files in web app when I use a long prompt

I am having trouble saving images with the web app when I use a long prompt. Is this related to “truncating titles,” mentioned in a previous reply on the forum in reference to a similar problem with the plug-in? I attach a screen shot of downloads; the blank looking files seem to occur when I use a long prompt. (I can open the blank-looking files in photoshop.) Thanks.

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@SketchVeraslady Thanks for posting the issue. So, if the truncation of long prompts wasn’t happening before, it definitely is now, so prompt length shouldn’t be the issue. This issue is probably a result of using period characters in the prompt.

Depending on the AI model used, periods can be acceptable and even intentionally meaningful, so I’m not saying to not use them. But the period character does appear to be making its way into the prompt-based file names, and messing with how your file system determines a file extension.

For now, either rename the file, or remove periods from the name, but we will roll out a patch to fix this issue. Again, thanks for bringing up this bug!

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