"Cannot connect to Hub" Bug

I’m trying to use helix to export my revit model to sketchup, but I keep getting a error message that says “Cannot connect to hub. Please contact EvolveLab Support”. What can I do to fix this? I appreciate any help.

@Armel - welcome to the forum!

Can you tell us more about your setup:

  • Is the error message coming from Revit or SketchUp? (can you share a screen grab?)
  • Windows version
  • Confirm that the Helix Service is installed and running

If you can share a screen grab of the above, it would help.

If all of the above checks out:

  • uninstall Helix
  • re-install Helix
  • restart computer
  • test again

Hi Ben,

Uninstalling and re-installing Helix seems to have fixed it.


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