Can we do renders that are not photo real?

Is there any way to create renders that are more illustrative? Perhaps as setting, or specific verbiage in the prompt?

I saw that someone had the problem where they were getting “sketch renders”. The reply was that their model may be void of materials, so Veras didn’t know how to render it. Can we accomplish this same look, but still apply materials that will then render more illustrative versions of the materials and the overallrender?


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Yes, that’s definitely possible, but you need to use the latest Veras 1.6 version for best results. Below are some examples using SketchUp. See the prompt and settings in the property pane.

2024-03-02 - 13-36-10 - SketchUp

We’re planning to add these prompts and settings to the presets page for easier access.

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Thank you for this. Does the Material Override need to be set to 100? What type of image would a Material Override setting that is much lower produce? I ask, because your model has a brick facade in the lower portion that seems to remain regardless of the Material Override setting of 100. Unless I am misunderstanding how the Material Override setting affects the image.

Great question. The Material Override technically overrides the material colorization, lighting, reflectance, but not the material pattern. This is why the brick texture come through at high overrides. You could change the material and call that texture glass block, and that would change the material, but the pattern would be similar as the current brick pattern.

Here’s a test with lowering the material override. The last slide shows the original SketchUp image. As the material override is lowered, the colors get closer to the colors in the SketchUp model.

NOTE: all the settings including the seed was kept the same, except for the Material Override setting

2024-03-04 - 10-31-19 - SketchUp

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