Bundles for downloading/import?

Are there any Glyph bundles we can download? We can export and import Tasks/Bundles, but are there any bundles available to download? It might make it easier to get going if there were a few more than the 3 bundles that come with the installation…

I think this is a great idea.

The challenge is that the settings for the tasks and bundles are specific to your Revit standards. However, we could still have those examples, and you can modify the settings to your needs after importing the additional bundles.

@Miguel might have more thoughts on this.

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As @Ben mentioned, the settings are tied to your specific Revit standards/model.
Feel free to email me at miguel@evolvelab.io, and I can help you create bundles any workflow you have in mind.

Thanks, @Miguel, I have sent you an email.

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