Bundle for creating views by scope box, creating sheets by level, and placing on sheet not working

I created a bundle to create views from scope box, create sheets by level, then places those created views on the sheets. When I run the bundle it does everything perfectly but then at the end places single views on the first 3 sheets and all the rest on the last sheet. The sheet numbering is out of order as well.

Please help!

(Also, is there a way to generate a callout when using scope boxes to generate views?)


Hi @rwassum ,

To make this work, I recommend using the following tasks/bundle instead:

Why is this happening? You are creating views based on scope boxes but you are creating sheets based on levels, therefore Glyph doesn’t know where the views should go automatically.

I have two scope boxes I am trying to place that are located on the same level. Area A and Area B both on Level 4 for instance. The bundle works if I do each individual level on its own. But If i try to do multiple levels it does not work. Do you have any advice?

Unfortunately, this is not something you can currently do all within the bundle.
I recommend either running one level at a time or creating the views/sheet using a bundle then using the “Place views on sheets” task (outside of the bundle) which allows you to map views with sheets.

Also, is there a way to generate a callout when using scope boxes to generate views?

  • Currently, you can only create callouts when using the “create views by room” task

Hope this helps!