Bug? renders two images at a time

Sometimes Veras renders two images at a time, even if I only press the Render one time…

Not sure what triggers this issue.



Thanks for letting us know.

When this happens, can you confirm if the render count indicator (just above the ‘Render’ button) set to more than one rendering?

For context, this element both controls the number of renders that are created simultaniously, and displays the number of renders that are currently processing. The number of darker gray rectangles controls the number of renders generated each time the Render button is clicked. When then turn blue, they indicate that a rendering is processing.

Veras - Multiple Renders

However, if you have only selected one render, but multiple are being sent or coming back, this could be a bug. If this is the case, is the problem that with only one render selected, after you click Render two of the indicators turn blue? Or, does only one turn blue, but two renderings end up being generated and appearing back in Veras?


Hi Daniel

I’m not sure, as I was not aware of this feature :slight_smile:
I will check next time.

Is this feature for generating multiple variations at once?



Yes, exactly. You can generate up to 4 renderings simultaneously with a single click, using this little feature.

Ah cool :slight_smile:


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