Bento - Release - Ceiling Generator

Download the installer here: Bento

Revit Versions Supported: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Note: Ceiling Generator only availble in 2022 and later.

Features :tada:

  • New Tool: Ceiling Generator
    :point_up: Generate multiple ceilings for selected rooms with one click!

  • Updates to Existing Tools:

    • View Renumbering
      :point_up: Combined buttons in ribbon

    • Open Selected Views
      :point_up: Added updated UI
      :point_up: Added ability to tile and group views by view type

Ceiling Generator

This was originally developed as a standalone tool to celebrate one of the big Revit 2022 API updates: The ability to programmatically create ceilings! We [finally] decided to update this tool and include it with Bento.

The tool allows you to select multiple rooms from your model at once, using a searchable list, and creating ceilings based off the 2D room boundaries for all of those rooms with a single click. Even if you have a complex room shape, the ceiling boundary matches the room boundary (at the level’s computation height) exactly. You can specify the Revit Ceiling Type to be used, taken right from your model, as well as the height of the generated ceilings.

You can check out the original version of this tool (along with a video & blog post) here:

Ribbon Updates

To keep the Bento toolbar size small, we’ve consolidated some of the similar buttons. Now both of the View Renumbers buttons, as well as both of the Open Selected View buttons, are each in their own single dropdown


Open Selected Views Updates

Now with an updated UI, you can choose from either the default quick “Open Selected Views” tool, which will open, tile, and group all the selected views, and close any unselected views OR you can run the “Open Selected Views With Options” to see the fancy new UI with a list of which views will be opened, which are already opened (and unselected), and 3 (2 new) options at the bottom.


Download the installer here: Bento

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Favour, can the ‘Height Above Level’ in the Ceiling Generator be also in Metric? Maybe the add-in could match the units in the model. Thanks

@Robbo Welcome to the forum!!!

That’s a great idea, I’ve added it to the Bento backlog. I think supporting whatever the model units are would be the best way to go. We’ll try to include this one in a future release of bento, and I’ll reply to this forum post as well once we do!

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Thank you Daniel


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