Bento - Release - View Renumbering

Download the installer here: Bento

Revit Versions Supported: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Features :tada:

  • added View Renumbering tool
  • added About button, with update notifications
  • Point Cloud Visibility Tool now supports views with view templates
  • new Point Cloud Visibility Icon

Renumber Views

The ability to adjust the detail numbers on views already placed on a Revit sheet has always been frustrating. This little tool seeks to make that process seamless and easy.

Essentially, the tool allows you to change the detail numbers of views on a sheet however you’d like. You can use numbers, letters, or any alphanumerical combination, and do anything from insert one number in the middle of a sequence to renamed all views on a sheet in a customer order.

We actually made a blog post and video in March of 2021 that explain all the features we packed into the beta version of this little tool - check it out! Or better yet, download it and give it a try for yourself!

Download the installer here: Bento

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Just installed! So useful. Where will be finding out about new releases? Only here in the forum?


You can find out about updates directly within the app: the about button will have a red dot, and when you press it, you will be pointed to the new update download link.

Bento Updates

In the About menu, you can also click the “About Bento” button, which will redirect you to the Bento forum page.

The other option, as you’ve mentioned is to check out the forums. Also, users that join the forums should get an automated summary email when releases are posted (these emails can also be unsubscribed from).