Bento Ideas - What feature should we develop next?

We have a few different ideas we would like to incorporate into Bento. Check out some of those ideas below. Feel free to let us know what you think or if you have other ideas we should consider.

Ceiling Generator (done)

Add the ceiling generator. Added in v1.2.0.0 of Bento. Yay!
Check out the video alone of the standalone version below:

Dimension Text Batch Overrides

This little addin will help to quickly set dimension overrides based on dimension size of any selected dimensions.
2022-12-14 - 06-14-20

Split Walls By Level

This nifty tool collects multiple walls specified by the user, and splits them in the vertical axis by intersecting levels selected.
2022-12-14 - 06-59-09

Levels from Point Cloud

This simple tool will detect point cloud densities that make up horizontal planes, and places a Revit level where these planes exist.
2022-12-14 - 07-20-13

Automatic Material Legeds

This tool would automate the process of creating material legends. Check out this blog post by @Clara to see the manual process in action: How to create live material legends in Revit


What’s next?

Let us know which tool you’d like to see included next. If you have other feature ideas to include in Bento, we’re curious, so comment below!


Another of my colleges gave me an idea a while ago - Column Grid Renumbering. It would work in a similar way to the View Renumbering tool that is already included in this release of Bento. I see slightly less value in this one, as it is only useful during the setup phase of a project, as you don’t often rename grids once a project gets going. But, I could see this ‘renaming / renumbering’ idea spread to other aspects of Revit too!

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That’s cool.

I can totally see the visual numbering extended to other elements:

  • wall type marks
  • other element type marks
  • door instance marks
  • other instance marks

Cool idea!