Assigning Materials - General best practice

Hi, I was wondering if there are any best practices to assigning specific materials to specific masses. I understand there’s a correlation between material override and user specific material designation. However, I am still seeing anomalies and can’t quite control the AI “reading” what material I am designating. For example, on certain volumes of the home, I am trying to get a board and batten material to read, so I model the battens hoping the AI will recognize them. When I type Board and Batten in the prompt, it covers the entire home in board and batten.

I have also tried to do wood shake as a wall material by creating a material in Rhino and assigning those specific walls with the wood shake. The AI is not recognizing the material…

Is there something I am missing? How can I do better?

Thanks a bunch!

@Zanku4u ,

Thanks for posting your question. Because it can be hard to control what elements of your model are affected by the prompt, what comes to mind for preventing the entire home from being covered in board and batten is to use the selection tool under the “Refine” tab in Veras. It would just require you to first get a rendering with low overrides that pretty closely represents your model. (I believe we will be enabling selection mode on the model image itself in the future.)

Maybe others will have a better suggestion for the wood shake, but I would recommend using the selection tool again here. And what you can do with the prompt is enter ((wood shake)). The double parentheses should help the AI recognize the importance of the “wood shake”, and better elicit the desired output that way.