Advice wanted

I’m trying to create an architectural model in wood, and need some advice…

My prompt is architectual model, all in solid oak wood, trees are white.

  • geometri override is set to 0
  • material override is set to 100
  • prompt override is set to 100 and also tried with 0
    but in the image trees are still green (i guess Veras know they are trees), and some of model is white.

Is there a way to achive what I want? a model all in wood, but white trees :slight_smile:

As I understand it, we can’t add negative prompts - is that right, if so - will it be accessible at some time?


Bump - anynone? Or just a way to force all materials to one material?

ps. it seems I can’t change the subject title to a more logical title :-/


Hi @Jorgensen!

To help troubleshoot, could you please share your prompt and base image? It might be possible to do this using the prompt alone.

Additionally, I want to confirm that we don’t currently support negative prompts, but I’ll make a note of it as a potential future enhancement.

I’d also be happy to run some additional tests on our end to see if we can replicate the issue. Let me know!

Hi Ben

I’m proberbly doing something wrong - here are some examples.
In the second last one I removed all materials from the model, in the last one I painted all in the same material.

Thank you for sharing these!!

I ran some tests, and got similar results, meaning the green trees remained green:

Then, I looked at enabling the negative (not yet a released feature), and got some promising results:

For this use case, it might make sense to add the negative prompt to the UI. We’ll add this to our backlog, and update this post when we release it.

Hi Ben

Thank you for taking you time to test and reply.
I’m looking forward for even better tools.


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